Tobrix privacy policy - short and simple!

General policy

We do not collect any personal user data, aside these two exceptions: Purchase data and your e-mails.
Purchase data may be collected when you purchase Tobrix, depending on the app store.
When you send an e-mail to us (e.g. with the error report tool - see below), this e-mail will be stored for customer support.

All stored data is used only internally by Apshift Studio for the necessary workflows, like customer support. We don't sell any user data to other companies. Tobrix doesn't send any data to anyone, except in the described cases (error report tool and GameCircle).

Error report tool

The error report tool is available in the start screen (select "More..." → "Support"). The error report tool will not send any data automatically. If you press the "Send" button, an e-mail text with statistical (non-personal) data about the last occurred error will be generated. The statistical data will help us to find a solution. You can review this e-email and data before sending it to us.
Note: Your device must be configured for e-mail communication.


Tobrix in the Amazon App Store is shipped with Amazon GameCircle support. If you use GameCircle, your GameCircle data (achievements and score) will be send to the Amazon GameCircle server.
Note: GameCircle can be disabled in the options (in the start screen select "More..." → "Options").

Tobrix permissions explained

Open network sockets / Access information about networks
These rights are only required by the Amazon Tobrix version (in the Amazon App Store).
Both rights are needed by the Amazon GameCircle API. This allows the app to communicate with the Amazon GameCircle server.

Access the vibration feature
This is used to simulate the "magnetic connecting" of blocks, which gives you some physical feedback. The effect is device dependent and can be turned off in the options (in the start screen select "More..." → "Options").